25 tactics for optimizing your eCommerce

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Seek opportunities to convert seasonal customers into long-term customers.

Black Friday 2021 turned out $8.9 billion in sales worldwide. This event has become the ultimate exponent of seasonal sales, but throughout the year we find other periods of high consumption that represent great opportunities for the eCommerce industry.


How to prepare your eCommerce to optimize its performance to get ready for seasonal sales periods? In this eBook, we compile 25 tactics to consider covering Digital Analytics, Automation, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience and Technology disciplines.

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In this ebook you will find:
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Create a long-term relationship with users and clients.
Beyond specific seasonal sales actions, it is essential to understand each person's journey to offer them what they need at all times. To understand their needs, to offer them the product they are looking for and add value to the relationship. Establishing this link will also allow you to have a predictive vision of what they will want in the future.