Digital Priorities 2021

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In the year 2020 companies took giant leaps forward in digitalization
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The Covid-19 pandemic triggered companies around the world to accelerate their digital transformation processes. In just 12 months, many businesses ended up two to three years ahead of where they had previously planned to be in terms of digitization. The biggest advances were made in process automation, digital analytics, user experience and omnichannel experiences. But there are still a lot of challenges and new priorities ahead that have been shaped by radical changes in consumer habits and behavior.

We are delighted to share the results and our analysis of a study we conducted that included more than leading 150 companies in Spain, Italy and Latin America about their digital priorities for 2021.

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In the future, we’ll see experiences that are more predictive, personal, omnichannel
Many companies feel that the time has come to take their personalization strategies to the next level, and that they now have the ability to incorporate yet another layer of intelligence into the digital experiences they offer their customers to generate greater impact. From automation, digital analytics and machine learning, this 2021 companies have the opportunity to become more relevant than ever to their customers.