The Future Day: Digital customer experience trends for 2021

To kick off 2021, we’re reimagining interactive experiences. We’re seeking ways to make them more humane, more intelligent and more focused on what really matters. At the heart of it, we’re exploring how to make digital experiences more relevant for users in their everyday lives.

That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some of the trends that show how brands and businesses are doing just that – using digital services or products to help users navigate through their own personal journeys. These solutions are contactless, present across devices and offer integrated experiences across different channels.

Digital experience trends for 2021

  1. User intent at the center of experience
  2. Personalization throughout the entire journey
  3. Circular omnichannel experiences
  4. Hyperautomation
  5. Smarter conversational experiences
  6. Contactless experiences
  7. Better immersive experiences
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