Advanced digital analytics to communicate more and better.

We improved Bancolombia's internal communication with the creation of a dashboard that will help understand the information preferences of its employees and achieve more personalized communication.

+12,5% consultations
+3.000 content impacts
+35% new monthly publications


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Digital Analytics

Data Modeling and Analytics

Reporting Automation and Data Visualization

Customer Profiling and CDP

The Challenge

Identify and recognize the needs of employees to boost the internal communication area of the company.

Bancolombia contacted us with the challenge of getting to know the behavior of bank employees regarding the consumption of content offered on the intranet. Their objective was to be able to identify the attributes and characteristics of greatest interest to their employees and thus, support the communications area in the construction of newsletters, articles and other publications that are aligned with the preferences of its employees.

‘The initial expectations of the project were based on the measurement of indicators of employee behavior on the bank’s internal portal (Intranet), in order to understand content consumption and determine the impact and use of this digital asset’.

What did we do?

Data analysis and measurement to implement a customized communication model with the bank’s employees.

We started the project with the construction of a data model, aligned to a measurement strategy that would allow us to identify all the attributes of the bank’s internal content and publications, and later we supported Bancolombia in the implementation of said model to ensure correct capture. of information.

Also, we performed a validation to find out from which external sources other than the Google Analytics tool, valuable information could be extracted to support the characteristics and preferences of users regarding these contents.



Increase of +12.5% ​​in the monthly average of employees who access the news published on the intranet.
Increase in users impacted by content from a range of 14,000 to more than 17,000 in the first year.
Generation of new content, increasing the number of publications in the month from 30 to more than 65, with content of greater interest and impact for Bank employees.
Development of analytical capabilities in Bancolombia’s communications area that did not exist before.
Implementation of an operating model to have visibility of the key process flows in the business value activities and to be able to generate optimizations in a timely manner.
Aggregation of the capabilities to implement business intelligence, so the business is able to ask the right questions and answer them in a timely manner.
Generation of a data architecture, leveraged on BigQuery as a data warehouse and automated through scheduled tasks.
Integration of Active Directory, Sharepoint On Premise and Online, Corporate Employee Database and News Database with the help of GA 360 and BQ.
+12,5% consultations
+3.000 content impacts
+35% new monthly publications
“With the implementations carried out in a timely manner, including those of Google Tag Manager, we were able to capture all the interactions and a personalized understanding of what the user is doing by capturing the UserID, to obtain more detailed analysis of the information. With the work carried out, we were able to know the impact of different content, knowing the moments in which the greatest conversion is generated and the publication that generates it. With this, we worked on the construction of segments with which we generated more successful campaigns, through strategies that made it possible to address these target audiences and achieve greater interaction in the digital asset’.

Juan Felipe Gallego

Technical Analytics Consultant


Organization and centralization of information

To support the communications area in the presentation of performance reports to the rest of the business.

Creation in the communications area of ​​a culture of information analysis

To support and support the construction of new content.

Generation of a bond of trust

with the client to support him in the analysis of information and findings of valuable insights for the area.