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Enabling design teams to build out BBVA Bancomer's digital capabilities.

+100 professionals working in the bank.
6 consecutive years of repurchase of services.
15% turnover rate.


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Outsourcing Recruitment

The Challenge

Outsourcing to expand the team in an agile and flexible way

BBVA in Mexico was in the process of training its Design and UX area, with teams dedicated to defining methodologies and processes, as well as others focused on project execution.

With the increasing workload and increasing importance of this discipline, teams faced difficulties in addressing all ongoing projects, leading to the need to expand the team in an agile and flexible manner using the outsourcing format.

Our first collaboration faced the challenge of recruiting 30 talents in just 3 weeks. Through rigorous assessments to verify their knowledge, skills, and experience, we selected the most suitable profiles from our digital talent pool.

Since then, our collaboration in talent outsourcing for the bank has strengthened, making us a key partner in acquiring and comprehensively managing digital talent, with more than 100 professionals working in the organization.

‘The success obtained at BBVA is due to the synergy of our team, based on trust and delivering results. We have highly qualified professionals focused on improving the experience of the bank’s users. It is gratifying to know that Multiplica has been a key part of the bank’s success over the past 6 years.”

Talent Manager at Multiplica.

What did we do?

Efficient processes to recruit the best talent

We started the project with a Discovery phase in which we met with BBVA to understand their specific needs and define the skills required for the profiles they were looking for.

From there, the Multiplica team of recruiters specialized in digital profiles looked for candidates within our pool of professionals. After BBVA’s review and evaluation, we selected people for interviews with the project leader. Finally, we specified the selection and immediately incorporated the candidates into the bank.

We overcame the challenge by achieving the perfect match with the ideal candidates for the organization, and since then, we have continued to recruit talent to work in the bank. This process is replicated quarterly, adapting to BBVA’s new talent needs according to the number of projects and profiles required for its digital team.

Comprehensive support for talent performance

Our work doesn’t stop after integrating professionals into the bank. We provide comprehensive support to talents recruited via outsourcing. The Multiplica Operations team is responsible for timely monitoring of their performance to get them involved in different projects where they have a higher level of responsibility, autonomy, and leadership.

In addition, we support talents with mentoring, training, and specialized certifications to develop their full potential and strengthen their roles.

Based on BBVA’s evaluations and feedback, we design growth plans for talents, identifying opportunities for leadership positions or increasing seniority through their participation in strategic projects. In turn, we generate customized skills development and training programs to meet the needs of the business.

This joint work results in a robust, agile, and effective digital team for BBVA, with satisfied talents and opportunities for sustained growth that give meaning to their professional lives. It plays an essential role in the bank’s digital transformation.

Key Lessons

To become a key partner, we have developed a methodology to find the most suitable candidates for each position and facilitate their professional growth, meeting the client’s quality expectations. In addition, our response times are fast and effective, creating a seamless experience for bank leaders.


Over 100 professionals working in the bank.
6 consecutive years of repurchase of services.
2 to 5 years average permanence.
15% turnover rate.
Over 3,000 hours of training in 60 courses taught talents to enhance their skills and technical knowledge.
+100 professionals working in the bank.
6 consecutive years of repurchase of services.
15% turnover rate.
‘Multiplica has very good filters to find the talents we need because they know these specialties and our industry very well.’

Viridiana Guzmán,

Design Operations Manager at BBVA


Focus on the quality of talents:

Access to highly qualified professionals for each position and monitoring their value contribution and performance.

Agility and efficiency in delivering solutions:

We respond quickly to management needs in a changing environment.

Monitoring the development of each talent,

to provide training and meet BBVA’s expectations.

Creating a sense of belonging and alignment with BBVA values,

to integrate talents into their team and the Multiplica family.

Access to international digital professionals,

through our offshoring service to collaborate with digital professionals from other countries.