Oney Spain

Adding value to the Customer Area

We boosted the number of active users of the Oney Spain customer app and their level of satisfaction with the construction of a new, more appealing Customer Area and new financial management functions.

+68% active users (Android)
+112,7% active users (iOS)


Banking - Financial Services


Digital Strategy and Product Design

User Experience


Digital Analytics

User Interface

The challenge

Overhaul of the Customer Area to turn it into a key manager of financial products

Oney Spain intended to evolve its Customer Area, both on its website and in its app, in the context of financial services innovation and digital transformation.

Oney Spain’s goal was to digitize all of the client’s phone operations and include them into the new Customer Area, improve the UX and design, and build a structure that would allow them to expand into new future activities.

The goal was to increase the number of active users of the app as well as the client area on the web.

‘Our challenge was to evolve both the private web area and its native customer app, not only in terms of user experience and design, but also in terms of an increase in value-adding functions, transforming it into a comprehensive financial product manager’.

What we did

Understanding customer needs through data analysis

We began the project with a conceptualization phase to better understand the business, during which we conducted interviews with stakeholders, reviewed current data, and benchmarked similar and non-similar market solutions in other industries.

Following our understanding of the business and needs, we began prototyping the web and app, which we worked on in weekly sprints that culminated in collaborative work meetings for presentation and feedback, in order to speed up the work and progress in phases due to the product’s complexity.

Finally, after the prototype was approved, the UX and UI design for its development was completed (adapting the design that they had in other formats in other countries where the Oney Group operates).

Key learnings

Co-creation with the client was key in order to achieve the desired results, thanks to combining the client’s financial knowledge and Multiplica’s expertise in digital product design.

The application of our initial Research methodology allowed us to collect all the necessary insights to establish the foundations of the project (from business knowledge, competition analysis and user behavior through digital analytics) which was key to a successful outcome.


68% increase of active users of the Android app in 2020.
112.7% increase of active users of the iOS app in 2020.
Increased customer satisfaction with the use of the app: Rating of 4.2/5 stars with 2,140 votes on Google Play.
Increased customer satisfaction with the use of the app: Rating of 3.6/5 stars with 222 votes in the Apple Store.
Decrease in the website’s bounce rate by 8.7%.
+68% active users (Android)
+112,7% active users (iOS)
‘It was a strategic project for the organization, and we add a lot of value to our customers as a result of it. The app’s user satisfaction has significantly improved. In addition, as a result of this project, we have shifted the company’s focus to the consumer, improved the UX and design, and expanded the number of features available in 2020. It was critical to have the roadmap of new features in order to speed up their development in a situation where we were experiencing a pandemic with the arrival of many more users to our website and app’.

Jose Carlos Cañavate Castellano

Head of Digital Experience at Oney Spain


Oney Spain: We had great team collaboration through common areas.

The different teams, which were made up of different areas and profiles, had a great deal of understanding and affinity.

Oney Spain: Multiplica’s flexibility in handling the project,

allowed us to work easily, and the dates and expectations we had were met.

Multiplica: The relationship of closeness and collaboration that was maintained throughout the project

meant that the product that was delivered in every stage of the project fulfilled our customer’s satisfaction.

Multiplica: The client’s team made up of four profiles from different fields,

allowing for a global perspective to be maintained during the work sessions.

Multiplica: The good relationship with the client

and the good results achieved led us to collaborate with Oney Spain on new challenging projects.