SVR Beauty

Conversion to sales of 30% and increase in the average ticket through Live Shopping.

We developed a new sales channel for SVR in order to attract new qualified audiences, improve brand positioning, and increase product sales through live events featuring expert suggestions.

+900 qualitative leads.
+590% SVR sales in pharmacy.
CTR up to 70%.
CR up to 30%.


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Live Commerce Strategy

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The Challenge

Engage pharmacies in reaching new audiences

SVR is a dermocosmetics brand – with its own eCommerce and sales in pharmacies – that needed a strategy that would help it achieve the 3 objectives that had been set in the Marketing and Commercial departments:

  • Position the brand as an expert in the derma industry, reaching out to new internet audiences to whom the brand message can be communicated.
  • Increase digital channel sales.
  • Retain the loyalty of its main customers in the pharmaceutical channel.

By including branding as one of the objectives, the strategy could not be implemented in one take, but rather over time, creating a constant communication channel with the audience and opening a new sales channel that had an impact not only on the brand’s results, but also on those of its pharmacy channel.

“The biggest challenge was to involve pharmacies and give them support to achieve an increase in sales of SVR products and, in turn, turn them into allies, not only in the construction of the brand message, but also in its dissemination.”

What we did

Recommendations focused on solutions beyond selling products

Live commerce proved to be the ideal channel for addressing the client’s three objectives because it is a channel of communication with digital audiences that not only allows us to launch the brand message in detail – because it lasts much longer than an advertisement – but also allows the sale of the product to be integrated into this discourse in real time. Brandformanceat its purest!

We initiated the project with a first immersion phase to learn the client’s pain points and how they approached selling their products through the various current channels. Following that, we developed a strategic plan for the launch of the new live commerce channel.

To do this, we offered a monthly live shopping event led by a brand specialist with excellent communication abilities. This expert function is critical in the strategy since it helps not only to develop the desired positioning, but also to drive product sales and address the key axis of live shopping: live engagement with audiences that demand product knowledge.

We propose 40-minute shows divided into 20-minute dynamic blocks where therapies for various skin types, such as atopic skin, mature skin, and acne-prone skin, are proposed. Following that, we focus the material on specific issues and answers, encouraging the sale of each product routine with distinct incentives for each block of content.

To increase user engagement and involvement, as well as to reach new audiences and bring the brand message closer to the consumer, each stream is co-presented by a pharmacy representative, and the event is linked to their eCommerce. Users can then click on the goods presented on the screen and complete the purchase process through the pharmacy’s eCommerce.

Likewise, during the days prior to the event, traffic campaigns are carried out through the brand’s and the pharmacy’s own channels, as well as segmented traffic paid campaigns, which direct to a landing page hosted on the pharmacy’s website from which Leads are captured that will later be notified of the start of the live shopping.

Key Learning

The greater the expertise, the greater the conversion: Although incorporating experts in the brand’s products instead of influencers meant a considerable loss in the volume of traffic to the event, compared to what can be achieved with an influencer, we managed to reach better segmented audience, so we achieved a very high level of conversion. In addition, the purchase tickets were higher since the event encouraged the purchase of complete treatments or a pack of products related to skin types or specific problems, beyond a single product.


Connected users: More than 1,000 people have connected between the 3 shows held thus far.
Average connection: The average connection time in the shows is 14 minutes.
Qualified leads: More than 900 qualitative leads were captured between the 3 shows.
Chat engagement: +600 comments and queries in the chat.
Event engagement: +56% participation in surveys and participatory dynamics.
Increased sales in pharmacies: Gómez Ulla Pharmacy increased its SVR sales by 590%.
Click Through Rate: The average CTR of the 3 shows is 70%.
Conversion Rate: The CR of the shows is up to 30%.
+900 qualitative leads.
+590% SVR sales in pharmacy.
CTR up to 70%.
CR up to 30%.
“For us, Live shopping has turned out to be an innovative and dynamic commercial strategy to promote online sales among our customers, considerably increasing their average turnover. In addition, it is a differentiating tool that gives visibility to the brand, positioning us as a pioneering dermocosmetic brand in digital actions. None of this would have been possible without the Multiplica tea, who from day one have guided us and gone hand in hand with us. Together: agency, pharmacy and brand, we have come together to launch the different streams so that each of them is unique. ”

Laura Montoliu,

Digital Marketing Manager at SVR


Events presented by a brand expert,

that transmits security and confidence achieving a high level of conversion.

Result centered content,

offering a complete routine of products to solve each problem in such a way that carts multiple products were achieved.

Personalized advice through a high level of interaction,

users can raise their specific problem and receive an answer instantly.