Decentralization and productivity of the commercial force.

We improved the productivity and flexibility of Mapfre's sales force with the creation of a responsive web platform that would allow online access to all its commercial tools.

40 K users




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User Interface

The Challenge

Dynamizing the sales force to accelerate processes.

The main objective of the project was to create a single responsive web platform where the entire Mapfre sales force – both internal (agents) and external (brokers) – could access all the tools available to sales representatives from mobile devices without having to connect from a Mapfre office, something that apparently seemed simple and was not easy to achieve.

‘The project had great technical challenges as it had to incorporate multiple non-trivial functionalities into a responsive website, such as the use of the smartphone camera to carry out certain procedures or the possibility of adding a new payment platform’.

What did we do?

Get to know the end users to improve the experience.

Once we received the request, we began a user research process to learn more about future users and their main pain points in order to create a backlog of functionalities that would allow us to optimize commercial management with Mapfre.

To do this, we carried out interviews and workshops to create dynamics for users to be able to agree and define those functionalities that should be considered in the project’s backlog. Among them, a new management of client payments, the incorporation of a document tray for their signature, the calendar of events regarding the client portfolio and interaction tools with the broker or agent (with monthly performance metrics and sending of messages to commercials).


Great acceptance and use of the new tool by the commercial force of the company, which is over 40 thousand users.
Decentralization of the commercial force that can already carry out its work from its responsive website without the need to attend the office in person.
Improvement in the performance of sales representatives from a platform that helps them in their management and in the measurement of their results.
40 K users
“Throughout the project, we experienced a great maturation of the teams, both internal and of Mapfre, and within the processes that we carried out we obtained lessons that led us to add more value to the company’s business and strengthen our collaboration and raise new projects’.

Héctor Montero

Leader of development projects at Multiplica.


Creation and development of new tools

To support the sales force in their sales and customer service efforts.

Creation of a base

To provide more tools to Mapfre’s sales force, with which we continue to increase the value of the product.

Strengthening the link with Mapfre

As strategic allies in its digital transformation and IT development process in different areas.