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How Fry Reglet significantly increased their lead generation with a new digital platform

We created a refreshed brand identity design and a new website that honors the company’s past while accelerating its growth into the future.
Daily page views
Increase in time spent on site
Decrease in bounce rate
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The Challenge
Creation of a new website to help the company grow its business
We partnered with Fry Reglet, a leading architectural products company, to design a new digital platform and content experience that effectively showcase their product catalog in a dynamic way, using visual imagery of architectural projects as inspiration.

Fry Reglet needed a robust tool to display information about the product offering and help them start conversations with potential customers, functioning as a lead generation tool for sales reps to get qualified leads.

As their audience is primarily architects and designers, they wanted a website that spoke to them. So they needed a very visual and beautiful platform, intuitive to navigate but also deep under the hood due to the huge amount of content they wanted to share.
Utilizing a modernized company brand identity and holistic design system, we delivered a comprehensive solution to inspire their audience and generate higher quality leads.

“The biggest challenge was they are a company with a long history and didn’t know how to leverage the website experience to help grow their business properly. We realized the project was bigger than a new website right off the bat. We took them on a process to highlight how much a quality brand, digital experience, and content can enhance the sales process and help grow their business.”
What we did
User Journeys definition and a new Design System
We started working on a deep understanding of the content needs through printed brochures and detailed technical explanations of their products. As we did that, we realized that this was going to be a very big website with a lot of content, but it still needed to be easy to digest to not overwhelm the audience. We worked to find ways to create a user journey that starts very visual and then goes deeper, as users go and learn more about the content.

We embarked on a rigorous site mapping and content architecture process. We developed the site map and created two primary user journeys: One for architects and designers looking for product information and project inspiration; and another for contractors and installers who are going straight to search for a product to know about the installation process.
In the process, we interviewed architects to understand the main points of the user experience and their needs during the decision-making process. We were very focused on the sales process, as the new website must be a tool to enable the sales team to get qualified leads.

After that, we started the wireframing process and developed the visual UI and Design System. We worked on a new and fresh look, reimagining the whole design and ending up redesigning every page layout and every detail across the entire site.

The new design influenced the whole brand identity. Once we finished the web development, we created the materials for a new brand identity for the company with a more modern approach. Also, we trained their team to manage the website content to be fully capable of operating independently.
Key Learning
You need close collaboration with the client to develop something successful. It was a pretty long and detailed process, and we had weekly meetings to ensure everybody was on the same page on every step to get the best solution.
The results
+2,000 Daily page views
+25% Increase in time spent on site
Meaningful Decrease in bounce rate
Daily page views
Increase in time spent on site
Decrease in bounce rate
"The internal reaction from our Fry group and the design community at large has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to have you as a part of our team."
Juli Novick
Director of Marketing at Fly Regret
Development of a modern solution
for the company that will last into the future.
Empowerment of their team
to market the brand successfully and more easily sell their products.
Enablement of the company to grow its business
using its website as a sales tool.
Work as an extension of their marketing team,
close, trusting, and aligned.
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