Using Generative AI to accelerate the launch of new products to the market

We implemented a new research methodology at Herdez to detect trends and turn them into successful products

+50 New designed products
-70% Conceptualization cost


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The Challenge

How to streamline innovation processes using AI tools

Herdez, a leader in the Mexican food industry, stands out for its focus on innovation and quality. It integrates artificial intelligence to optimize three critical aspects of its production process: products, packaging, and labeling.

Historically, the research process to launch new sauces and incorporate new ingredients was complex and needed to be more agile. It required three months of research and product definition, with the challenge of increasing reliability in the product’s future success. This process led to an average timeframe of more than two years for introducing a new sauce into the market.

At Multiplica, we proposed implementing new research techniques centered on data analysis and artificial intelligence. These techniques would facilitate the identification of emerging gastronomic trends and the development of innovative concepts, improve development time, and significantly improve success projections.

‘Our challenge consisted of navigating the vast universe of artificial intelligence tools available on the market to identify those that perfectly fit Herdez’s specific needs. We sought to generate a positive impact that added value to their business. We managed to marry the two worlds: business and tools.’

Digital Strategy Lead at Multiplica

What we did

Research to obtain insights into the conceptualization and design of new products

To address the implementation of a new research process and the adoption of new tools, we established an agile work methodology that included workshops with the client, during which trends and concepts in developing new products were discussed, validated, and prioritized.


We articulated this approach in three key stages:

1. Foresight

We began with data analysis and exhaustive research to detect trends. We collaborated with two strategic partners, AI Palette and Food Police, who helped us identify the ingredients to incorporate in the creation of new sauces.

2. Ideation

In this phase, we used artificial intelligence to simulate combinations of ingredients and their potential market success. We predicted consumer preferences and how they aligned with current trends using predictive analysis. This process allowed us to quickly generate a set of viable new product concepts.

3. Validation

Finally, we conducted a series of focus groups and taste tests to validate the new product ideas. The insights gained allowed us to refine the recipes and ensure that the final products resonated well with the target audience. Each validation session contributed critical adjustments to the product development, significantly increasing the likelihood of market success.

Key Learning

The project with Multiplica has positioned Herdez at the forefront of innovation in the food industry. The company now utilizes artificial intelligence as a tool for efficiency and as a cornerstone for the strategic development of new products. This approach has enabled Herdez to maintain its leadership in the market by continually offering innovative products that meet consumer demands.

The results

The new approach implemented by Herdez and Multiplica significantly reduced the development time for new products.
On average, it was reduced from three months to just a few weeks.
Additionally, the accuracy in predicting the success of new products increased by 25%, enabling Herdez to launch innovative products with more significant potential for success.
+50 New designed products
-70% Conceptualization cost


The case of Herdez serves as a benchmark for other companies in the industry,

demonstrating the substantial benefits of integrating AI into product development processes.

It shows how technology can be leveraged to streamline operations,

enhance product quality, and shorten time-to-market for new offerings.

‘Integrating artificial intelligence into our research and development process was a game-changer for us at Herdez. It accelerated the innovation cycle and increased our confidence in the market potential of new products before they even reached the shelves. Working with Multiplica enabled us to harness cutting-edge AI tools tailored to our needs, which was crucial for our success.’

Innovation Director at Herdez