Investigación y Ciencia

Increase subscriber re-engagement by 300% with segmentation and automation

We optimized the "Investigación y Ciencia" magazine's subscription process and personalized client communications.

300% increase in subscriber re-engagement
66% average open rate on all emails sent
26% increase in average CTR across all emails sent


Telecommunications - Media


Journey Mapping

Data Modeling and Analytics

Marketing Automation Implementation


Business Blueprints

The challenge

Segment users, integrate data and automate processes

‘Investigación y Ciencia’ is a scientific content publisher with four subscription packages and a magazine whose contents can also be viewed under registration on its website.

They needed to be able to segment their consumers effectively, integrate data from many sources, and automate the subscription, renewal, offer, and upselling processes so that they could be completed with increased agility and efficiency.

Multiplica proposed implementing the Active Campaign platform, which offers the segmentation capabilities they needed to engage with their clients and could be easily integrated with their database system.

‘After learning about the needs of ‘Investigación y ciencia,’ we recommended using the Active Campaign automation platform because it not only provided the necessary segmentation capabilities for their goals, but it also fit their budget and gave the team autonomy in its use, as it is a user-friendly marketing platform.’

What we did

Development of a data model and platform implementation

The project began with client immersion sessions to learn about: 1) the business strategy, 2) the catalog of products offered, 3) customer segmentation, 4) subscription models, and 5) the ecosystem of technology stakeholders involved, including platforms and work teams.

Through the establishment of business blueprints, the journeys of the subscription processes and the touchpoints to be automated with the client were defined based on the identified needs.

Following that, we defined the data model and implemented it on the Active Campaign platform. Simultaneously, we identified the actions and content that should be automated in client communications.

We worked in weekly sprints for its tactical implementation, defining the most urgent activities to perform each week and monitoring the results to optimize the campaigns.

Key learnings

The importance of creating a comprehensive data model that allowed us to analyze the data we had and determine how to arrange it on the platform.

We improved our work methodology for marketing automation projects by dividing it into four distinct phases: immersion, strategic proposal, data integration, and implementation.


300% increase in subscriber re-engagement.
66% average Open Rate in all emails sent.
26% increase in average CTR in all emails sent.
We saved the company time in the execution of manual processes so that it can be used to analyze conversion data and create new strategies.
We integrated all the Data obtained in the same platform to have a unified vision of the clients and to monitor the campaigns.
300% increase in subscriber re-engagement
66% average open rate on all emails sent
26% increase in average CTR across all emails sent
‘I loved Multiplica’s approach to the project at first, in which they sought to fully understand our business and our goals in order to propose the project’s focus and scope, as well as the platform that best suited what we needed, which in this case was Active Campaign.’

Antoni Jiménez,

Sales and Business Development Director at Springer Nature Group


We were able to gain a larger view of the organization by automating internal operations,

which allowed us to establish a customer management strategy outside these processes.

We’ve decided to work with the customer on new process automation projects

because of our positive connection with them and the outcomes we’ve accomplished.

Understanding of each client’s capabilities

allows us to better focus our work with them, with suggestions in three primary areas: technological development, marketing automation platform implementation, and strategic support.