Adolfo Domínguez

Live Shopping to increase sales by 30%

We increase Adolfo Domínguez sales by creating a new shopping experience through shoppable videos with live events aimed at followers, new audiences and customers.

+19.000 page views
+188% of new users
+70% checking the products


Retail - E-commerce



Live Commerce Strategy

Tech Consultancy and Platforms Integration

Creative Thinking

Production and Stream Coordination

Data analysis

The challenge

Creation of a new digital sales channel

In the midst of the digitization process and after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, where fashion stores had to close, Adolfo Domíngez sought to innovate as a way of approaching customers by adapting to their needs. The fashion company has reinforced its commitment to digital innovation and new consumption models in the last two years.

Adolfo Domínguez had 4 main goals:

  • Attract new audiences.
  • Reinforce online channels.
  • Digital audience loyalty.
  • Create actions to maintain the brand at the top of mind of its target audience.

We developed a recurring live commerce strategy that unified these goals into a single action, establishing Adolfo Domínguez as the first major Spanish fashion brand to incorporate live shopping as a new traffic and conversion channel. In the live streams, the brand would introduce its new collections to customers with the assistance of stylists, allowing users to purchase the products without leaving their homes or even changing screens.

This project was a double challenge for the company, both because of the mindset change that comes with implementing a new content and sales channel, and because of the work to get the audience used to this new format.

“Adolfo Domínguez held private sales in stores for VIP clients, where a stylist-influencer introduced the new collections. We were faced with the challenge of moving these sales to a digital format, reaching new, much larger audiences, but in an environment where the user cannot try on clothes”.

What we did?

Planning, execution and analysis of each live

Our years of expertise in the retail and fashion industry allowed us to make an agile immersion in the project, clearly understanding the client’s pain points from the first instance.

After this initial analysis of the situation, an internal work process was initiated with the eRetail & Live Shopping, Digital Strategy and Creativity teams, from which the proposal to the client was developed in order to pass private sales to a phygital event that reaches large audiences while maintaining –or even improving– conversion.

An analysis of the client platform was performed by the tech team of our eRetail & Live Shopping chapter to determine which of the multiple live shopping tools was most appropriate for an agile and effective integration. Two platforms were tested, with one outperforming the other in terms of both technical and visual adaptation.

The Digital Strategy team designed the pre-during-post events traffic campaigns to ensure the optimal reach, both in terms of volume and target, generating the prior expectation in the pre phase, achieving the highest interaction in the during phase, and extending the conversion of live shopping days after the event.

The creative team made the dynamic content proposals for each of the monthly live shows by combining elements such as user interaction, brand explanation, product sample, test on real time, and purchase incentives, so that the final content is appealing enough to keep the audience connected, participating and buying.

Each of these scripts were transferred monthly from the production department to a production rundown, which marked the dynamics of the live show and served as a logbook for the more than 12 people involved in each show. Similarly, this department is in charge of managing and operating all recording, lighting, sound, and other equipment so that the show can begin!

Finally, once each live stream is completed, a results report is sent to the client with key indicators such as traffic, connection peaks, average connection time, engagement, CTR, CR, positive and negative chat comments, and survey results. After analyzing these results, a list of improvements are proposed for the next edition.

Key learnings

To ensure the actions success, the phygital factor broadcasting online from the physical store and involving the audience from a phase prior to each live is essential. It is possible to generate prior expectation and a transversality from the physical to the digital by holding contests in RRSS to summon “models for a day” who will participate in the store during the live show.


+19.000 visits to the page, with an average of 2,000 viewers and a 10 minute permanence rate.
+188% of new users.
+70% of users checking the products during the stream.
Increase in sales throughout the following days using the incentive launched at the event.
The third live generated an exponential increase compared to the previous and it worked as a 360 action covering the online universe and the physical store.
Connected users: Live 1: 887; Live 2: 1.660; and Live 3: 3.227.
Average connection: Live 1: 9:50 min; Live 2: 10:23 min; and Live 3: 10:30 min.
CTR: Live 1: 67%; Live 2: 69%; and Live 3: 70%.
+19.000 page views
+188% of new users
+70% checking the products
‘Social Live Shopping with a well-defined strategy becomes a new online shopping format that must be taken into account as another traffic channel. Multiplica’s Live Shopping team has provided us with great value in the collaborative work of this Live Commerce strategy, positioning us as the first fashion brand in Spain to carry out an action of this type. We’ve generated a symbiosis of teams that work in an agile and efficient way, where we work on a regular basis for each one of the live shows, as well as on their production and realization.”

Manuel J. Galván,

Marketing Manager at Adolfo Domínguez


The relevance of strategy:

Elaborate appealing concepts for the user, allowing him to discover and buy the product in a different and entertaining way.

The importance of frequency:

In each session, the user becomes more involved, improving the ratios.

The magic of being authentic:

Reach that point of production where everything goes well, but without losing sight of the importance of being live, with live interactions and users participating in the phygital experience.