Planeta De Agostini

Mobile-first approach for a new digital product

Building a new digital product with a mobile-first approach to adapt it to the demands and behavior of Fanhome users from different markets.

81% purchases through mobile




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The challenge

Create a digital product with a new brand that connects to collectibles fans

Planeta DeAgostini began a strategic project to create a vertical for the marketing of ‘fan’ type subscriptions (original figures and models from licenses such as Marvel, Star Wars, Universal, and others) with a dual challenge: 1) build a new brand that empathizes more with its target and 2) build a digital product with a mobile-first approach that connects with its users and customers.

To accomplish this, they sought the help of Multiplica to develop a digital product in partnership with the branding agency in charge of developing the new brand.

‘We were able to make a good study of the Fanhome user’s demands and behavior during the project, and we were able to adapt it very well to the mobile-first approach, which has led to very positive outcomes in this channel.’

What we did

Design of a new landing page and subscription process with a focus on mobile devices

At the beginning of the project, we collaborated with the branding agency in charge of the new brand’s development. For our part, we immersed ourselves in the company and conducted interviews and workshops with all of the business units in order to fully comprehend the differences in commercial processes based on the collections they sell or the markets in which they operate.

We also included the user’s knowledge gathered from the research and the branding agency’s definition of archetypes. As a result, we conducted a review of the site’s data and user behavior (from heat maps and reporting). With this information, we defined the digital channel relationship model we wanted to develop for the user.

Then, adopting a co-creation process that included two workshops with the client and a focus on the mobile UX, we completed the synthesis and definition of the digital product and built the UX. Different groups worked in the workshops to identify what their ideal UX would be, and later we aligned their proposals in a final consensus version, which was compared to Multiplica’s UX work to generate the final version with the best of the two versions. Then we put the user interface in place.

The product landing pages and purchase processes were launched in the first phase of the project, and the new website and client private area were built in subsequent phases.

Key learnings

The positive outcomes of collaborating with a branding agency and a digital consultant to create digital products. A connection that demonstrates that 1 + 1 can add up to 3.

Simplification of the subscription experience by focusing on the similarities rather than the variations between markets.

Working with a 100 percent mobile-first approach yields positive benefits in terms of mobile experience.


81% of purchases are made through mobile devices.
8,5% increase in “Add to basket” (compared to the Planeta DeAgostini website in established markets).
81% purchases through mobile
‘We chose Multiplica to collaborate with us on this project because, in addition to having previously produced highly complex projects, they demonstrated flexibility and an understanding of our goals. We are so confident in our decision that we are collaborating on a new project with them. We made revisions to the initial strategy and briefings throughout the course of a year of working with the team. Communication was always quick, simple, and seamless. We can declare that we are fulfilling our goals after releasing the website and doing a user test and several client surveys.’

Fernanda Baldissera

Head of Growth at Planeta DeAgostini


The project was designed from the start

to be very seamless in the mobile channel, providing the best user experience possible, as evidenced by the large number of visits received.

Formation of a partnership with Fanhome

to provide ongoing support and monitoring of new releases, as well as assistance in terms of experience and design.