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We increased by 30% the conversions of Casa del Libro's website through the redesign of its eCommerce to facilitate a better searchability of books according to the mental model of each of the main archetypes.

+30% Conversion Rate Lift


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User Research

The challenge

New tools to boost sales from the digital channel

Casa del Libro asked us to completely reconceptualize its online shopping experience, taking advantage of its identity change process, as well as its commercial strategy in physical stores.

The challenge consisted in boosting sales, having a private area that would retain its customers, facilitate a more recurring purchase, and create a new graphic line that would excite, with the aim of having tools to grow at a commercial level in the future.

Mainly we started from an initial double challenge. On the one hand, adapt the new strategy of physical stores to the digital environment and, on the other hand, manage to increase to increase conversions on site with high traffic.

What did we do?

Shopping experience redefinition based on customer needs

We started the project with a phase of discovery and understanding of the brand change as well as the commercial strategy which the company was carrying out. With in-depth interviews with stakeholders and investigation of the physical store experience, we also analyzed the site’s metrics in order to know the behavior of its users and, above all, where the main pain points and falls occurred in the funnel of the purchase process.

We included a sector benchmark to detect best practices and a cardsorting with clients to redefine the classification of books and the navigation system, notably improving navigation through the entire catalog.


Increased conversion rate +30%.
+30% Conversion Rate Lift
‘With the new design of the product sheet, we managed to facilitate access to the book, not only optimizing the information we offered about it but also increasing the visual impact of the book as a product’.

Gerard Adell

UX Consultant and Project Manager of the project


Facilitate the search and selection of the book

from the mega menus that offer different access points.

Unification of the format of the book files

based on the company’s sales strategy.

Optimization of the Checkout processes and the product file

to improve your conversions.

Improvement of book recommendations

from the creation of thematic landings to enhance the sales capacity of the site.