Plan Seguro

New quoting tool to optimize the insurance sales process

Plan Seguro

We streamlined the Insurance Plan quoting process with a new quoting tool that fully integrates with the agents' sales process and offers customers a precise insurance quote.

7 million MXN monthly issued
300 monthly policies issued




Usability Testing

Digital Strategy and Product Design

User Experience

Digital Experience Development


User Interface

The challenge

Understanding the process of selling insurance to transfer it to the new digital quoting tool

Multiplica was approached by Plan Seguro to develop a quoting tool for its Health and Major Medical Expenses insurance. The project was expanded beyond the quoting tool to include the ability to submit insurance requests through the same process, removing the need for any paper interaction.

Plan Seguro faced the following challenges in executing the project:

1) Develop a strategic vision for the project that incorporates the different areas’ goals.
2) Break down the agents’ preconceived notions so that they can become accustomed to working with the new processes.
3) Integrate consumer authentication and double authentication solutions that meet all legal criteria while not overly complicating the process for the customer.

The following were some of Multiplica’s challenges in completing the project:

1) Being involved in the communication process between various areas in order to form a common perspective.
2) Listen to users and clients and relay the results to them.
3) Integrate all internal Plan Seguro processes and the agents’ sales processes.
4) Create a platform that would merge with these processes and act as a sales ally.

What we did

Identifying client and agent needs in order to reimagine the insurance quoting tool

Workshops were held to identify the problem and create journeys with the client at the beginning of the project. We wanted to brainstorm together what difficulties we needed to tackle and what project goals we wanted to achieve. We began to get a sense of what the quoter might be like based on this initial information. Later, we spoke with various departments, including those responsible for agent relationships and customer support.

During these sessions, we identified their sales team’s issues and impressions of their existing quoting tool. In turn, we spoke with agents with different profiles about their experiences and perceptions of Plan Seguro.

At the same time, we worked on UX ideation, and our technical lead was in charge of establishing the algorithm for the five items we’d be working on, as well as providing a quote that included actual rates for each of the plans and developing the flows.

We conducted usability tests with end users to validate the prototype. The quoting tool and a CMS to manage it were then created, which were also evaluated by Plan Seguro’s internal users through usability testing to assure its incorporation into their operations.

Key learnings

The importance of having all participants at the table in order to properly explain the value we bring to the table and the expectations we can have from the project.

Demonstrate to the customer that a quoting tool is a live product, not a fixed product, and that in order for its value to endure, it must continue to evolve.


The average monthly issue amount is 7 million Mexican pesos (MXN) (around 350k USD).
Around 300 insurance policies have been issued monthly in seven months since the platform’s launch.
7 million MXN monthly issued
300 monthly policies issued
‘When we asked ourselves at Plan Seguro why we should collaborate with Multiplica, we remembered that when you look for a collaborator to build an app, you find 190,000 organizations who say they can do it. The difficult part is deciding which one is the best, and Multiplica never sold us a system, tool, or program; instead, they showed us a methodology to go with it. Multiplica contributed their knowledge, guidance, and experiences with us throughout the entire process. I never got the impression from Multiplica that they took a quoting tool from another insurer and simply adapted it to our company, but rather that they started from the ground up, leaving us with knowledge, leaving a corporate memory in our company, and then we had learnings and no longer needed someone else to sell us this knowledge because we had already acquired it with the project’.

Pedro Durán

Director of Actuarial Development at Plan Seguro


The relationship we had with the client was built on trust,

and it drove us to work on other projects connected to the various aspects of their journey that they wanted to expand.

The team’s commitment,

as well as their ability to have the necessary receptivity to digest all of the information they had given us about their business and shape it into the quoting tool.

We have become specialists in the insurance industry as a result of mutual learning,

and Plan Seguro has used the knowledge to develop internal digital projects.