Personalized communication to make the car-searching easier

We boosted the number of users that request information about used cars on through the creation of a marketing strategy and its implementation on the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform

10% of users made an additional request for information


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The challenge

Implementing a Business Process Management platform is Spain’s primary new vehicle marketplace. With an estimated monthly traffic of 2.5 million visits, it faces the problem of increasing requests for information about the vehicles it offers in order to generate more sales prospects.

They contacted Multiplica with the task of building a business process management platform that would enable them to automate their processes.

With this in mind, Multiplica chose to adopt Selligent Marketing Cloud, which allows for the personalization of material displayed at each point of contact and the optimization of communication processes throughout the client journey.

‘ operated in a digital environment that was heavily reliant on manual operations. The key problem we had with this project was to fully comprehend their data model, including what data they had and where it was stored, in order to develop a single data model that could automate personalized communication processes’.

What we did

Optimizing and automating the customer journeys

We began with an immersion phase in which we conducted interviews with stakeholders to better understand the operations of users and clients in each vertical, with the goal of optimizing and automating manual communications. We worked across three of the company’s verticals to do this: Used Vehicles, New Vehicles, and Renting, with a focus on Used Vehicles.

To understand how we could optimize the processes in each of the verticals we worked on, we constructed a multivariable segmentation matrix containing buyer personas, phases, goods, and journeys.

We then moved on to creating a data model and finalizing the business blueprints for the structure of each of the flows, taking into account the various points of contact and needs that customers have at each step of the commercial funnel: acquisition, nurturing, conversion, and loyalty.

Finally, we defined the Business Requirements, which included a marketing automation strategy based on the platform’s tactics and content (emails, forms, promotional Landing Pages, or web pop-ups) and executed them in tactical sprints with each of the defined actions.

Key learnings

The importance of having a deep immersion phase in which we conduct interviews with various company interlocutors in order to completely grasp their processes and needs.

To provide value, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the business. Having prior experience in the automobile industry helped us greatly to shorten the learning curve about the industry.

The project allowed the Multiplica team to gain a better understanding of the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform and the Site tool, as well as improve the efficiency of our work methodology.


10% of users made an additional request for information on second-hand vehicles, increasing total requests by 1%.
We helped the marketing department to have more independence from IT when implementing actions.
We accompanied the marketing department in the automation of their personalized communications and cross-selling.
We supported the Data department to have a unified view of users and track their behavior.
10% of users made an additional request for information
‘Multiplica’s involvement has been extremely beneficial during the last few months. They have demonstrated a thorough understanding of our business and our demands by supporting us throughout our initial phases’.

Eva Mayoral

Data and Market Research en


Because of the fluidity of our relationship with the client,

we were able to develop an agile dialogue and reach several areas of agreement during the project, allowing us to accomplish the outcomes we had envisioned.

Selligent Marketing Cloud was the ideal instrument for implementing a marketing automation system

that enabled to communicate with its users in a more relevant manner, increasing conversion opportunities.