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Redesign of a Wallet app with focus on value-added functionalities

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We increase the downloads and satisfaction level of Tomiin Wallet users by offering them a relevant experience, with valuable functionalities for their daily context.
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The challenge
Creating a relevant experience for users and consumers
In collaboration with Banco Azteca, Multiplica generated the user experience for its Tomiin wallet that involved the incorporation of relevant and testable functionalities for two user profiles (consumer and business) in a period of 12 weeks and also made an informative site in AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) to resolve doubts to the public.
Both phases of this project involved a strategic orchestration for its go-to-market. Multiplica's own methodology, which is based on agile work fundamentals, allowed the transfer of knowledge to the Banco Azteca team and a frictionless operational assimilation by the client.
What we did
Development of hybrid teams to transfer knowledge
We conducted contextual inquiries in the commercial spaces in Mexico City that were part of the pilot program, in order to deepen our knowledge of the user. We also integrated a collaboration strategy with our peers within Banco Azteca through a hybrid team scheme. The activities were programmed to meet the expectation of functionalities that would consolidate the value offer.
In addition, we articulated the release of flows with the IT team attending an incremental and iterative development that would allow incorporating the findings during the interactions with users.Multiplica was in charge of programming and publishing content on the AEM platform, with a focus on self-management of the tool by Banco Azteca upon project delivery.
Key learning
To understand that for any user, but especially for those who are not very digital, it is essential to identify the benefits they obtain from the platforms offered by financial institutions. These benefits must be conveyed in a clear and simplified way to help them place them within their context and daily life.

We confirm that it is of vital importance that UX Writing specialists strategically address the development of content for any interface, to enable the user in a successful understanding of the tasks to be performed and make tangible the advantages of performing them, particularly when sharing personal information that may be considered as confidential.
The results
Increase in page views from 4,470 to 1,123,600 on Tomiin's Informative website.
Increase in average visit time from 2:38 to 3:51 on Tomiin's Informative website.
Decrease in bounce rate from 59.18% to 45.04%.
Increase of +64,000 new users for iOS devices and 131,000 for the Android operating system.
Growth of +360% in the number of business users for Android devices.
Growth of +6500% in the number of consumer-type users for Android devices.
New users
new visits to web
Android business users
"Thanks to Multiplica and the work we did together as a team, we created an app from scratch: from the client and for the client, testing with real users at every step. Multiplica was and is the business partner we need to continue creating "customer centric" digital products and services that will lead Banco Azteca to achieve its business objectives in 2021".
Paola Alonso Calderón
Marketing Director at Banco Azteca
To reduce user learning curve
in every sprint we do in the project.
Helping to seamlessly integrate insights with users
and translate them into concrete improvements for experience creation.
Optimize the user onboarding process
and create the dashboard with main tasks reducing the cognitive load, to ensure simpler and faster navigation.
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