Travelers App for adding value to the customer journey

Design and conceptualize a new app to improve the customer experience at every journey stage.

1 out of 2 Exoticca customers uses the Travelers App.
Increased satisfaction in travelers who used the App.




User Research

Journey Mapping

User Experience


User Interface

The Challenge

Releasing a robust, flexible and scalable MVP

Exoticca is an online travel agency providing clients with unique experiences designed by a team of product crafters and curators specialized in each travel destination.

In recent years, it has focused on growth and increased the company’s bookings and turnover. The company currently has a consolidated position in the market.

The company detected the need to go a step further in the service they offer their customers, improving their experience throughout the journey. To do so, they created a new app to accompany customers throughout their journey, providing support and information about their trips and value-added services.

Exoticca contacted Multiplica in their search for a partner to carry out the new app project. Their goal was to design a robust, flexible, and scalable travel app that could be expanded with new features over time. Furthermore, it had to provide an excellent user experience to ease use and customer engagement.

‘To narrow the project and ensure an on-time release with the highest level of demand, we decided to work on an MVP that had the key functionalities, as well as a tone and storytelling that would hook the user from the moment of download to encourage app engagement.’

What did we do?

Prototyping and designing a memorable customer experience

The project kicked off with a Discovery phase to get the insights needed to define the app’s MVP functionalities. Together with the Exoticca team, we determined the basic principles on which to build the app to achieve our goals and the functionalities it should provide.

The functionalities defined were prioritized based on two variables (value to the traveler and difficulty of implementation) to identify those that should be part of the MVP and those to be released at other project stages.

To set up this prioritization, we performed an analysis focusing on the following milestones:

  • Interviews with Exoticca stakeholders to understand the goals, expectations and project requirements.

  • Interviews with Exoticca clients to understand their needs throughout the entire journey: from planning to post-trip.

  • Industry benchmarking to gain insight into competitors’ best practices.

  • Definition of a traveler journey including pains and needs at each touchpoint to identify how to provide value from the app at each step of the journey.

  • Collaborative workshop to prioritize MVP functionalities.

In the next stage, the MVP was prototyped and designed. The UX team defined the content architecture and made high-fidelity prototypes of each of the screens and functionalities and the interactions that take place. Subsequently, the UI team created the design based on Exoticca’s brand identity manual.

To involve both teams and create synergies, we organized weekly follow-up sessions throughout the prototyping and visual design process, which allowed us to be agile in the definition, feedback, and final adjustments.

Key learning:

Our work methodology facilitated that –during all phases of the project– both the Exoticca and Multiplica teams had the context of the previous stages and the following ones, ensuring an optimum collaboration between teams.

Consequently, this allowed us to be aligned in the decision-making process and achieve the agility required to complete the project and publish it in the App Store within the established deadlines.


1 out of every 2 Exoticca customers uses the Travelers App.
Increased post-trip satisfaction among travelers who used the Travelers App.
Over half of users share feedback through the app.
The itinerary functionality is the most used feature for enhancing travel experience.
1 out of 2 Exoticca customers uses the Travelers App.
Increased satisfaction in travelers who used the App.
At Exoticca, we strive to lead the digital transformation in long-haul travel. To do so, one of our primary goals is to create memorable customer experiences. For the conceptualization of our Travelers App, we decided to rely on Multiplica, who, through their Immersion and Research methodology, provided us with a better understanding of our customers and helped us design an app that enhances the travel experience, from booking a trip to the return home. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We want to accompany our customers throughout their trip. With the Travelers App, we have digitized the travel experience so that our customers have everything they need and offer them an agile communication channel with our team.

Carlos Molinet

Director of Customer Engagement at Exoticca


The importance of prioritizing the creation and release of an MVP

Listening to stakeholders and understanding traveler needs played a crucial role in creating a compelling app for download.

Alignment among all teams

Achieving synchronized work between internal and external teams to find the optimal solution quickly and efficiently.

Continuous follow-up and agility

Collaborative follow-up during the prototyping and design phase ensures the project is always on time and all deadlines are met.