MGC Mutua

We increased lead capture by more than 30%

Mutua General de Catalunya
We redesigned the MGC Mutua website with the aim of becoming the benchmark digital channel for recruitment, increasing its ability to attract new leads.
digital uptake
Mutua Genral de Catalunya
User Research
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The challenge
MGC Mutua is an insurer specializing in health care, with a prestige and high added value brand that called Multiplica with the desire to find a partner that will help them take a decisive step in the digital arena to become their reference channel for capturing leads.
What did we do?
MGC Mutua is a unique insurer in terms of both product portfolio and commercialization model and marketing strategy. Through deep immersion in all relevant MGC Mutua business areas we obtained a clear vision of the product and its attributes, and we worked jointly the digital strategy and the objectives and KPI's. Through research activities with users we build a vision of users, needs, interests, prior knowledge, decision process and more valuable content to design a web commercial discourse adapted to their needs .
The results
More than 50% of leads come from digital channels, increasing digital uptake by more than 30%.
Improvement in behavior and retention metrics on site.
digital uptake
"The new MGC Mutua website exceeded the client's business expectations and has turned MGC Mutua into a much more relevant digital player capable of communicating from its genuine value proposition, multiplying the capture of leads and having a technological platform on the one to build future business needs with confidence".
Alex Castellote
Senior Online Strategy & UX Consultant at Multiplica and Project Manager of the project.
Positive impact
On MGC Mutua's business figures and increased weight of the channel.
Ability to attract
New leads in a company with little tradition and culture in online marketing actions.
Clear communication
Of the value proposition to clients and the benefits of MGC Mutua.
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