MGC Mutua

We increased lead capture by more than 30%

We redesigned the MGC Mutua website with the aim of becoming the benchmark digital channel for recruitment, increasing its ability to attract new leads.

+30% digital uptake




User Research


More than 50% of leads come from digital channels, increasing digital uptake by more than 30%.
Improvement in behavior and retention metrics on site.
+30% digital uptake
‘The new MGC Mutua website exceeded the client’s business expectations and has turned MGC Mutua into a much more relevant digital player capable of communicating from its genuine value proposition, multiplying the capture of leads and having a technological platform on the one to build future business needs with confidence’.

Alex Castellote

Senior Online Strategy & UX Consultant at Multiplica and Project Manager of the project.


Positive impact

On MGC Mutua’s business figures and increased weight of the channel.

Ability to attract

New leads in a company with little tradition and culture in online marketing actions.

Clear communication

Of the value proposition to clients and the benefits of MGC Mutua.