A fresh perspective on delivering quality software

Sofía Padrón
24 de March de 2021 · 3 min de lectura

Globons, an Argentinian company with more than 12 years of experience in software development, has joined Multiplica to form a strategic alliance.

This business alliance will strengthen both companies’ capacities in engineering and software design in Spain and Italy.

It aims to speed up time to market for the delivery of top-quality end-to-end solutions.

In a more and more globalized world, the boundaries are increasingly blurred between companies that want to provide better services to their customers.

“This alliance aims to strengthen our capacities by focusing on Europe. The mutual value that each we bring to the table will allow us to expand our engineering capabilities, ensuring that our software developments meet the highest possible standards thanks to a talented and highly experienced human team.”
Matías Garrido, CEO, Multiplica

This partnership will help the companies deliver valuable digital products and services that are oriented to end-to-end projects in the European market.

We want to help make Multiplica one of the best companies in the world, one of the largest and most reputable digital consultancies; offering end-to-end services and adding value in software delivery.”
Gerardo Barbosa, CEO, Globons

One of the fundamental pillars to making this alliance a success has been integrating resources in projects in different countries. This has allowed the teams to interact and get directly involved in everything related to engineering, both in Spain and in certain projects in Latin America.

It has provided a fresh perspective on how to deliver quality software, with a great team and a lot of understanding, facilitating the generation of long-term relationships.

“We want to unite the professional world with the world of great human qualities, integrating both people and financial processes to standardize the realities of the two companies.”
Gerardo Barbosa, CEO, Globons

This alliance is a sign of ambition. It represents the possibility for both companies to enter new markets with a much more robust value offer and a solid technological arm that will undoubtedly benefit both companies’ clients around the globe.

“The integration of the Globons team with Multiplica’s Central Region team will give us the engineering capabilities that are fundamental to Multiplica’s new value proposition, where we have a clear end-to-end view of digital product design. We expect it will help us tackle larger and more ambitious projects.”
Marc Ribas, Tribe leader, Europe

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