Multiplica celebrates its 20th anniversary and renews its project

Sofía Padrón
11 de June de 2021 · 4 min de lectura

The consultancy was created in the year 2000 to help businesses digitize. Since then, digitization has become a fundamental pillar for virtually every organization.

Multiplica has been growing at an annual rate of 50% in recent years and predicts that the figure will increase to 80% over the next three years.

March 22th, 2021 – After more than two decades of activity, Multiplica has solidified its position as a leader in digitizing businesses and has announced the unification of its diverse lines of business under one global brand.

The milestone comes as online consumption has just registered its highest-ever level of growth. Today, Multiplica is more essential than ever to the businesses it serves.

The company’s move to bring together its various subsidiaries will boost its 360-degree digital service offerings to further help organizations overcome their connectivity challenges and become more relevant to their clients.

One global business.

Multiplica Academy, Metriplica, Táctica, Punto Lab and Contento are all uniting under the original brand of Multiplica. The decision was fueled by the current context and growing demand for transversal services.

The fusion is accompanied by a radical change of image and functions to better help the company differentiate itself in the current market, made even more dynamic by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Multiplica’s annual growth rate has averaged 50% in recent years. Last year, its turnover reached €20 million.

The vast majority of its clients are located in Europe and Latin America.

Multiplica is in the midst of a phase of rapid expansion. Its annual growth is projected to reach between 75-80% in the next three years.

More relevant digital experiences.

Multiplica’s project renovation aims to help businesses make better strategic decisions that are based on clear digital priorities: creating digital experiences that are more relevant, persuasive and clever; generating more conversions, sales and income through seducing users across their journeys and automating the journeys to impact the life cycle of the client.

Digitization has become an inevitable process. It is increasingly imperative for any business with a vision for the future.

The sudden reality of the pandemic made processes that were already happening at dizzying speeds accelerate even faster. Digital spaces truly did become indispensable. Almost any business that hadn’t put effort into digitization and was unable to continue selling in-person was left with no choice but to get their services online quickly.

“We’ve always been passionate about using design to create better digital experiences. But, this time, we want to go even further to help our clients fundamentally transform the way they interact with their clients.”

-David Boronat, President of Multiplica

This process of forced digitization will remain throughout 2021.

And it’s exactly what Multiplica has been saying over the last two decades: the future lies in designing, building and optimizing digital experiences to make them timely and feel extremely close to their users, able to solve problems, persuade and surprise.

Multiplica has an extensive range of expertise in helping companies transform their relationships with clients in an increasingly digital world.

Since the turn of the millennium, it’s been working on imagining, designing, and creating relevant experiences and relationships. This work has helped drive forward more than 950 businesses through more than 3,000 projects in 11 countries in Europe, Latin America and the US.

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