Processes, people and tech: How Multiplica Lite aims to streamline work

Sofía Padrón
11 de June de 2021 · 4 min de lectura

Multiplica Lite is joining the Multiplica ecosystem with a new proposal – to understand clients’ processes, align them with their cultures and implement the right technology to automate processes and improve communication.

The history of Multiplica Lite stretches back four years. That’s when Miguel Verduzco, after having studied and worked on implementing logistic processes in large corporations in countries like Germany and Hungary, got the itch to start something new.

He knew there was a better way for companies to communicate from one department to another. So, using behavioral design, he sought a way to make the communication more intuitive and reduce friction. He recruited Andrés Uzeta and Joel Alvarado to help him create a value offer based on three pillars: Processes, people and technology.

“Thanks to our deep understanding of agile methodology, behavioral science and cutting-edge technology, we’ve managed to understand the day-to-day barriers that get in the way of teams being able to do their best work.” –Miguel Verduzco, CEO, Multiplica Lite

His talent and passion for growth caught the attention of the Multiplica group. Both parties quickly got along and realized that there were huge possibilities to learn from one another.

With that mindset and a strategic action plan, Mutliplica Lite was born. Its goal is to find connection points to help businesses implement the right digital solutions both internally and externally.

“To be relevant to users doesn’t just mean designing or building apps or websites. It’s about re-thinking all the processes behind those tools. Multiplica Lite is here to bring its complementary point of view, and help with strategies and solutions that will have major impacts on our clients.” -Matías Garrido, CEO, Multiplica.

The team is made up of nine people, the majority of whom are process designers and digital engineers. They are trying to take a leap forward to become a reference point for automation and process digitization in the Latin American (including the Hispanic US) and Spanish markets. For that, they hope to grow the team on top of the strong bases they’ve already built.

“What we liked the most about the group was their vision and their enthusiasm. They know how to use what they have to create collaborations and synergies to offer even more value to clients. We feel supported and we feel prepared to work with big international clients.” -Andrés Uzeta, COO, Multiplica Lite.

The integration of Multiplica Lite into the broader ecosystem has been done so that the business unit remains flexible and free, but not fully independent. It allows the team to bring their fresh points of view, transparency and start-up spirit to Multiplica, while at the same time absorbing all the experience of the larger group and being able to count on all the support it needs to continue expanding and consolidating.

“I see a bright future for us together. Finding an ecosystem when you’re trying to be disruptive is super exciting.” –Joel Alvarado, CTO, Multiplica Lite

This new alliance reinforces Multiplica’s ability to create end-to-end solutions. In the end, it will help improve the final experience of clients and also help automate their internal and strategic processes. All the solutions will be tailored to the clients’ needs and levels of digital maturity.

“We want to free up the time spent on tedious, energy-draining tasks so people can have more space to think, innovate and solve problems… and we can do this by automating processes.” –Miguel Verduzco, CEO, Multiplica Lite.

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