The Future Day: Reflections from experts on the trends of an imminent future

Fabiola Trujillo
22 de July de 2022 · 5 min de lectura

The second edition of the event called “The Future Day” was held recently, a space in which experts in digital matters exchanged opinions and reflections on trends and scenarios to understand where the immediate future is headed.

David Boronat, Chief Future Officer and Founder of Multiplica, led the session which was divided into three interesting panels on technology applied to business; each with the participation of experts who exchanged views on AR, VR and Metaverse, Everywhere Commerce and Blockchain.

The event was attended by Alfons Cornella, Founder of Infonomia and the Institute of Next, the two companies devoted to rethinking the future of organizations with a special focus on business model innovation.

Alfons spoke about the most relevant aspects that companies must take into account in order to face the changes that the future holds, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced growth that is sustainable over time.

“We must create curious organizations and start solving people’s day-to-day lives with technology to make our lives more worthwhile.”

AR, VR & Metaverse

Frederick Sanz, CEO at and Antiloop Studio, as well as Eva Domínguez, director at Immersive creators and an expert in digital and immersive content, were present to talk about the importance that the metaverse will have in our lives in the not too distant future.

“The metaverse is a vision of the future of the internet, we are moving towards a more three-dimensional web in which we will be able to relate to people, spaces and content in a more immersive way.”  Eva Dominguez

The relevance and interest of people in this topic is increasingly high, even though at the moment we lack the necessary technological tools to reach a considerable critical mass, however it is expected that in the coming three years there will be an evolution of multiple things in parallel that will allow for a more three-dimensional language that will allow for more immersive environments.

Everywhere Commerce

On the evolution of eCommerce towards a trend of buying more and more through Social Commerce and Live Shopping, Micky Ribera, CEO and coFounder of BeAgency and currently Global Head of Digital Marketing & Advertising at Multiplica along with David Castillo, Digital/Retail Expert Consultant, exchanged views and presented several examples on this interesting topic.

It was commented that for Everywhere Commerce to happen, it is important that there is a technological base that allows breaking the barrier between the digital and the physical, but always understanding the consumer and their new consumption habits.

“The key will be to be at the right time with relevant content when the consumer needs it.” Micky Ribera

Data will also play an important role in accelerating decision making, segmenting and personalizing content appropriately for each product or service.

While it is true that the fashion industry has been a pioneer in the use of this technology, there are other areas in which it can have great potential, such as electronics, DIY, cosmetics and everything that requires the explanation of an expert or influencer to demonstrate its use. 

Web 3 & Blockchain

For the last block of the event, Matías Garrido, Global CEO at Multiplica and Fintech expert and Antonio Sotomayor, Head of Blockchain at Finweg defined these two concepts differentiating Blockchain, which is a technology that allows us to verify the ownership of something in a decentralized and unique way, while Web 3 is the evolution of this concept and allows us to know and validate the ownership of digital assets to monetize work and intellectual property.

Blockchain technology has been evolving and maturing to build different ways to monetize in different industries such as art, music or other digital assets.

Although all of this is fairly recent, it is estimated that this technology will advance rapidly and in the next two years, different interoperability issues will start to emerge driven by the social and cultural environment that ultimately decentralizes entire industries.

“The future looks uncertain but very exciting, our businesses will be increasingly digital yet at the same time more decentralized and I would like to think also more human; today we have an opportunity to build new business models that are much more shared and generous.” David Boronat

We invite you to relive this event and leave us your comments.

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