The relevance of digital talent in the financial industry

Fabiola Trujillo
25 de July de 2022 · 3 min de lectura

Technology has come to revolutionize the world of work as we knew it until recently; therefore, companies are increasingly seeking to attract and retain the best digital talent in order to generate a positive impact within the industry. 

So stated Mario Tena, Global Chief Operating Officer at Multiplica, who along with  Juan Antonio Rugerio, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, spoke at the latest OpenFinance Open Talk about the challenges and opportunities companies face in attracting and retaining the best digital talent.

Main challenges in talent attraction

The panorama concerning the attraction of digital talent today is both interesting and complex at the same time; due to different factors that generate a “talent war” since, as a result of the scarcity of talent, there is an imbalance in terms of salary compensation, which tends to inflate rapidly in the market. 

On the other hand, this type of talent has very specific motivators, and they generally look for projects that challenge them in order to make a difference and generate a positive impact.

It is also true that many things have changed culturally, today we are looking for much more flexibility in terms of time and space, with remote and objective-based schemes, and much greater openness to proposals and leadership.

“Work is no longer where you go, but something you do and it accompanies your life.”

Mario Tena, Global Operations Director

How to face these challenges

Experts point out that the best way to meet these challenges is to keep a focus on 3 aspects:

  • Planning: By being clear about the business objectives and understanding the competencies that need to be integrated, a solid and robust talent strategy can be created, which should always be accompanied by an attractive proposition for candidates.
  • Attraction: Approach the role based on “Soft Skills” rather than “Tech Skills”, considering that technical skills can be developed and transferred as long as there are solid competencies.
  • Talent retention: If the employee’s day is as positive as possible, retention will happen on its own.

Keys to attracting and retaining the best digital and tech talent

  • Emphasize culture and purpose 
  • Talent training to close knowledge gaps, with support and proximity from partners and allies.  
  • Meet talent expectations by having an attractive offer aligned to their needs and motivators.
  • It is very important to give an excellent first impression and generate the best “Candidate experience”.
  • Flexibility is key both in the process and in the skills sought and working conditions.

To conclude this interesting talk, our speakers recommended always looking for opportunities and developing talent skills on a constant basis.

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