VWO and Multiplica: A promising partnership positioned to elevate the conversion optimization landscape

Sofía Padrón
15 de March de 2022 · 3 min de lectura

VWO, the experimentation platform used by fast-growing brands the world over, recently announced a partnership with Multiplica, a digital native consulting company dedicated to driving companies in the design and creation of intelligent digital experiences.

While this partnership is positioned to impact brands the world over, it will be highly beneficial to Spain, México, Colombia, and Chile, which are the strongest markets among the ones Multiplica currently operates.

VWO’s robust experimentation platform and award-winning customer support combined with Multiplica’s expertise in consultancy and digital strategies will help fast-growing companies experiment quicker and better, and in turn generate higher returns on investment.
With this partnership, Multiplica hopes to build delightful digital experiences for its clients, based on data-driven strategies and optimization through continuous experimentation using VWO. The company aims to help clients get the most out of VWO and its features, and in the process, grow their business.

“We’ve partnered with VWO considering their rich experience and leadership in the A/B testing industry, flexible and affordable pricing, and the partnership structure they offer – it is something where Multiplica can contribute with consulting services and native Spanish language support for clients. With VWO as our partner, we will help our clients reach their full digital potential. This partnership strengthens our CRO offering and the business digital growth that we can achieve for our clients.”, says Matías Garrido, CEO, Multiplica.

With over 20 years of experience, Multiplica has 5 development centers, 525 consultants, and more than 3,000 projects managed throughout the 11 countries where it operates. They collaborate with global companies such as: BBVA, Santander, Meliá, Iberostar, Vueling, HSBC, Decathlon, Stradivarius, Mastercard, Sura, Chubb, Uber, Carrefour, Novartis, Inditex, Subway, Latam Airlines, Telcel, among others.

For VWO, this partnership strengthens its position as a leading A/B testing solutions provider. With a product suite that caters to every requirement of effective experimentation – from visitor behavior insights to validating the CRO roadmap through testing – the company is strategically placed to add further impetus to Multiplica’s vision of helping clients create valuable relationships with their customers.
“We’re very excited to have Multiplica join our growing partner network. Our commitment to enabling brands to build meaningful digital experiences through our easy and intuitive experimentation platform is reinforced by Multiplica’s expertise in creating a significant impact on clients’ businesses through well-suited optimization strategies. We’re positive that Multiplica is best positioned to bring the true value of experimentation to the forefront by making the best use of everything that VWO has to offer.”, says Sparsh Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Wingify

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