Report: Securing the Future: Innovation and Trends in 2023

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Technology has pushed Insurance companies to reinvent themselves and focus on the customer experience.

Technological advancement has given rise to disruptive companies in the digital world. In the insurance industry, technology has pushed traditional companies to reinvent themselves to meet digital expectations, driving the emergence of new solutions and products that are more agile and focused on the customer experience.


In this report prepared by Multiplica, we will dive into the current state of digitalization in the insurance industry in three key regions: Latin America, Spain and the United States; and we will analyze how new trends are impacting the relationship between customers and companies.


In this report you’ll find:

X-ray of the insurance industry in Latin America, Spain and the United States by 2023.

New customers are changing the rules of the game for insurers.

Digital priorities for Insurance in 2023.

Big Players: State Farm, Lemonade, Mapfre, Bradesco, Chubb.

5 Trends for Digital Insurance.

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