Adobe Experience Manager: the ally for a successful omnichannel experience

Matias Gaffoglio
10 de September de 2021 · 6 min de lectura

Companies are increasingly requiring access to digital solutions that enable them to increase their points of contact with their customers, regardless of the device or communication channel. Faced with the new challenges posed by digitization, content management systems are positioned as key allies in the creation of relevant experiences, with the goal of simplifying and improving the relationship between brands and users. What is Adobe Experience Manager, and how can it help your business grow?

In today’s world, many businesses have separate points of contact with their customers. This separation causes more problems than solutions because it makes it more difficult to unify messages for all channels, personalize them, and measure their effectiveness. The end result is a disorganized and inefficient customer experience.

In response to these challenges, integrated content management systems (CMS) emerge. As a result, businesses of any size, shape, or industry can manage their digital activities and valuable content to make better use of their digital marketing campaigns.

Multiplica has a strong network of partners to help it expand its service offerings in all of the markets where it operates. Among them is a partnership with Adobe Experience Manager, one of the most important CMSs on the market today (AEM).

This technology enables for content customization by taking into account each device with which it interacts as well as the contexts in which it is used. It’s a strong tool for improving customer-brand relationships, increasing user loyalty, and shortening time-to-market.


Advantages of Adobe Experience Manager

This CMS improves organizations’ relationships with their customers significantly. For example, it allows to:

  • Increase customer interaction through experiences.
  • Reduce time to market with new customer experiences, with time reductions of the order of 60%, resulting in significant money savings.
  • Expand your market reach.
  • Provide consistent, personalized experiences across all channels.
  • Improve the responsiveness and efficiency of experience delivery.
  • Experiences can be easily scaled to support more traffic and new segments.

Captura pantalla herramienta Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager enables you to quickly, simply, and easily create personalized content for all communication channels.

According to Statista, the global CMS market is expected to reach 43.1 billion dollars by 2021, which indicates the importance of this type of software. Furthermore, the consultancy predicts that the market will grow at a compound annual rate of 0.6 percent until 2024. CMS will become increasingly important in the coming years, as 63 percent of users expect personalized content. Besides, 14 percent of marketing teams already invest in personalization.


How to Implement a Successful Omnichannel Experience

Multiplica held a webinar titled “Activate a Successful Omnichannel Experience. The Multiplica Case and Adobe Experience Manager”, which is now available on YouTube.

Luis Bajaña, Senior Developer at Multiplica, stated the following at this meeting: “It’s no secret to us at Multiplica that our clients’ consumers are at the forefront of everything they do. They want to tailor their experiences and engage with their users through all available channels. This can only be achieved if the entire plan is backed by the greatest technology on the market. Our partnership with Adobe, the leading CMS platform, allows us to provide a comprehensive and complete solution for managing the customer’s experience online.”

From the perspective of Adobe’s Daniel del Palacio, Senior Enterprise Marketing Manager for Latin America, “We need to know where our users are and start creating the right content for them. This has to be done quickly, because the time to market is also a hurdle. Leadership means we’re both a hybrid and comprehensive CMS, consisting of sites that connect all interaction channels. All visual elements such as images and multimedia can be stored in Digital Asset Manager, allowing us to access them at any time and from anywhere. As an added bonus, we offer forms that automate all processes and templates for filling out and signing with customers.”


Adobe Experience Manager: The Telco Experience

We also shared our experience with a Latin American telecommunications company that came to Multiplica with the challenge of providing personalized roaming content to its clients who were traveling abroad.

To accomplish this, Multiplica used AEM’s personalization module to create customized content for clients based on their geographic location and across multiple platforms. Thus, by detecting users in the United States, for example, they were automatically redirected to the roaming section, significantly reducing friction, speeding up orders, and strengthening the brand’s connection.

Furthermore, to add an extra layer of personalization, sites were created in which exclusive banners were displayed for customers who entered the site using an iOS operating system and another for customers who entered the site using an Android operating system.

If you want to learn more about how to create a successful omnichannel experience with Adobe Experience Manager, contact Lucio Grimaldi, US Tribe Leader at Multiplica. Also, we invite you to learn about our collaboration with Banco Azteca, where we use Adobe Experience Manager to create relevant experiences for their clients via their Tomiin Wallet App.

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