How to attract, develop and promote digital and technological talent in your organization

Ignacio Hörmann
29 de November de 2021 · 3 min de lectura

In practically all businesses, the digital talent gap is widening by the day.

Every day, more businesses begin their digital transformation journeys, despite the fact that the pool of digital expertise available to meet these problems is shrinking. And it is that, over the last ten years, the search for talent has grown in tandem with companies’ digital transformations and the growing role of eCommerce. According to the World Economic Forum report “Future of Jobs 2020“, 97 million technology-related jobs will be added globally in the next five years.

In this context, the demand for talent is increasing while the supply is limited. We are at a complicated period in which many companies are aggressively seeking technological talent, and it takes them a long time to find and position it within their organizations.

Additionally, the pandemic has altered the game’s rules, increasing remote work and removing the local barrier. In this way, the option of recruiting talent in different geographies has broadened.


Main challenges for organizations for attracting technological talent

  • Find individuals with the necessary technological skills and knowledge to solve the projects’ needs.
  • Find a common ground between people’s compensation expectations and the average market salary.
  • Be able to connect with people with the company’s long-term mission as an organization and break free from the purely transactional realm in which the market is handled.
  • Provide a variety of customizable benefits that are tailored to each individual’s personal and professional life stage.
  • Have an attractive offer as a firm and exciting projects in which professionals can make a significant contribution.
  • Achieve a cultural fit by matching the values of the organization with the values of the people who are interested in the offers.


Technology to improve a company’s talent journey

Technology is altering talent selection processes, and we will increasingly witness how new advances – such as People Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, or Virtual Reality – will interfere in all stages of the process, assisting Human Capital teams.

In turn, technology will assist us in retaining the talent present in businesses. In this regard, we will see how more and more effort is being made on the talent journey to map the path of employees and their journey through each touchpoint. Thus, the primary areas for development can be identified in order to offer initiatives that improve the experience of the professionals based on the people’s wants and needs. 

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