Marketing automation and AI: the ideal team for increasing sales

Jordi Ligero
6 de October de 2021 · 7 min de lectura

Companies have been able to optimize their customers’ purchase journeys in recent years, thanks to marketing automation platforms, in order to achieve better results, attract new leads, and retain existing customers. How does Artificial Intelligence Marketing Automation work, and what benefits does it provide to retail and eCommerce?

Marketing Automation is the process of automating the various stages of marketing through the use of various programs and technological platforms. Additionally, by leveraging layers of Artificial Intelligence, these solutions enable the generation of content, offers, and promotions at specific levels for each user, resulting in more relevant and personalized digital experiences.

According to Statista, the importance of Marketing Automation is growing and is expected to reach $ 25.1 billion by the end of 2023. Nothing that should come as a surprise, especially given the importance of omnichannel digital marketing.


Three benefits of using Marketing Automation

Information will be centralized and accessible

One of the most significant challenges that organizations face is the disaggregation of information. As a result, there is less dialogue and interaction between work groups, which reduces efficiency.

On the contrary, having systems in place that centralize data and make it accessible to all teams is critical to achieving consistent marketing strategies across all channels. In a world where information is power, it is critical that it is accessible in real time to all employees and decision makers.

Enrich and personalize the conversation

The first step in creating more personalized and relevant conversations is to segment each user. To accomplish this, Marketing Automation platforms collect and analyze a wide range of customer inputs, such as their name, email, phone number, place of residence, or gender, in order to gradually create the various profiles.

The second step is to use digital tracking tools, which are also integrated into Marketing Automation and are capable of analyzing each user’s behavior at all points of contact, such as emails, apps, or physical points. Thus, you can identify not only who you are, but also what products you are viewing, in what categories, and how frequently you buy them.

The combination of these elements allows for more specific and intelligent segmentation. As a result, the experience becomes one-of-a-kind and personalized, with more precise and effective content and messages delivered throughout the journey.


Optimize Marketing campaigns

Artificial Intelligence enters the picture after the customer data has been collected, compiled, and analyzed. It is in charge of analyzing external data (user information), internal data (how it relates to the brand, what its most recent purchases were, etc.), and third-party data (how it behaves on other sites) in order to create predictive behavior models.

As a result, the cumulative algorithmic model significantly improves the personalization of campaigns, landing pages, and even product offerings. This translates to a higher conversion ratio, increased customer loyalty, and more efficient use of time.


How can Marketing Automation help your company?

Marketing teams are currently occupied with serving hyper-connected customers. As a result, Marketing Automation platforms emerge to collaborate in the centralization of data and the integration of all inputs, regardless of their source.

These solutions also provide a centralized view of prospects and customers, allowing you to work more effectively to discover what motivates and attracts them and to create unified profiles. As a result, specific campaigns are created to provide purchase journeys that increase brand engagement.

In this regard, Multiplica has a partnership with Selligent Marketing Cloud, which, through user segmentation and the ability to personalize experiences, manages to improve product offerings, capitalize on each consumer’s intentions, and optimize personalized experiences across all channels.

Pablo Rueda, Sales & Partnerships Director at Selligent Marketing Cloud, guarantees: “Selligent collects all customer activity and allows for high-level segmentation, allowing for message-by-message personalization. The goal should be to communicate precisely according to the person’s interests, at the right time, and through the right channel.”

He also discusses the potential for Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficacy and relevance of personalization: “Algorithms that allow us to respond to who we send, what we send, when we send it, and through what channel are sometimes required. When this is done directly by the system — based on all of the information it collects — and automatically, not only do conversion rates increase, but the amount of activity data that can be analyzed to generate new actions is impressive “.

Personalization, which Marketing Automation enables, helps to increase conversion. Without going any further, we at Multiplica were able to increase the number of users who requested additional information on used vehicles by 10% for our client

According to Pablo Rueda: “Personalizing the web experience and displaying content based on behavior can increase the likelihood that people will leave us their data and initiate communication with us. We know that sending the email at the most similar time can increase the CTR response rate by 30%”.

“Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the power of sales,” American economist and Marketing guru Philip Kotler used to say. To achieve success, cutting-edge technology must be combined with a solid strategy that allows organizations to make intelligent and efficient use of information.

Multiplica is the ideal partner for assisting businesses in implementing omnichannel personalization strategies, both strategically and practically. If you are interested in implementing any of these strategies in your company, we invite you to contact Veronica Cruz, Global Business Development Lead at Multiplica, for assistance in your transformation journey.


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