Social Ads: virtual content for an authentic shopping experience at the point of sale

Daniela Peinado
29 de September de 2021 · 6 min de lectura

The explosive growth of eCommerce in the last two years puts traditional retail under pressure to find new ways to attract customers to physical stores. However, it is not a matter of favoring one type of sale over another, but of combining the best of both worlds to provide relevant experiences in face-to-face interactions. So, how can the on and off be linked to bring more customers to the point of sale?

According to Statista, Retail will be the sector with the highest spending on digital advertising in the United States in 2021, with more than $ 35 billion. Brazil and Mexico have the highest levels of digital advertising spending in Latin America, with up to USD 5.17 billion and USD 1.15 billion, respectively.

However, little is said about how these digital campaigns attract customers or leads to physical stores.

Is that when we talk about omnichannel strategy, we generally think of all digital spaces, such as social networks, websites, mobile experiences, or multiple devices. While organizations have benefited from connecting the various virtual spaces in which their customers are located, there is still a need to build bridges that allow users to transition from the virtual world to relevant and satisfying physical experiences.


How can Social Ads help your brick-and-mortar store?

Connecting and attracting customers is one of today’s most difficult challenges for any business. To accomplish this, regardless of the channel they are on, it is critical to cultivate relationships and provide them with relevant experiences.

Ads have been invaluable allies for businesses looking to establish a presence in the digital world for many years. With the help of these tools, each organization can compete in a more efficient and precise manner, selecting criteria to segment its audiences and, as a result, achieve its specific business objectives. 

Although Social Advertising is literally advertising on social networks, this definition is both brief and ambiguous. Without a doubt, social networks have been a business driver for companies, but they have a fundamental flaw: they don’t always make users go to buy in physical stores. Until now.


Create Social Listening Strategies

For Social Ads to be effective in their task of attracting customers to Retail, a strategy must first be developed. What messages do you want to send, and when, where, and to whom? These are some of the questions that must be addressed during the first stage of the process.

Listening to audiences across all communication channels allows you to define strategies for each of your products and services, as well as identify specific audiences. As a result, you can make better decisions and choose which actions to take in pursuit of business goals.

However, the digital strategy would be incomplete if we did not also include the work of listening to customers in physical environments, so we at Multiplica built what we call Physical Listening.

Social Listening Strategy

Multiplica developed a strategy that connects the online and the offline.


What exactly is Physical Listening?

Retail currently has a large amount of data and information relevant to brands, giving it a significant competitive advantage in understanding the communication that occurs at the physical point of sale.

Multiplica develops a promotion strategy that involves the brand with its consumers in order to direct traffic from digital campaigns to the point of sale.

Captura de imágen de App Promociones Social Ads

Promotions and contests are an effective way to connect brands and users in a digital environment and entice them to visit a physical point of sale.

This interaction takes place through promotions such as digital coupons or promotions that can be redeemed in a physical or online store. To define omnichannel strategy objectives, the platform collects data in real time from all physical points of sale that are enabled for promotion as well as online businesses.

In general, the strategy allows for:

  • Establish a consumer network.

To engage and understand the current behaviors of brick-and-mortar consumers, a trusted network is required.

  • Boost your sales at the point of sale (POS)

We work together to implement strategic action plans that direct customer traffic to the physical or online store.

  • Collect data from the POS.

At the point of sale, valuable consumer data is available in real time.

  • Consumer information is shared across multiple POS systems.

Centralize real-time information from all points of sale, no matter where they are.

  • Implement an omnichannel promotion strategy.

Multiple promotions are run concurrently with scalability. The brand’s omnichannel promotion digital hub.

  • Increase the strategy’s ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

We increase the profitability of social marketing actions and link the online strategy to the POS objectives.

Companies can increase the conversion rate of their digital campaigns to drive customers to the POS by more than 30% using these technologies. Furthermore, and thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies, relevant information is obtained from customers at the physical point of sale, allowing accurate measurement of the product’s performance in retail.

Doris Lessing, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, stated: “That is how you learn. To suddenly grasp something you’ve always grasped, but in a new light.” Is your company ready to take the next step?

If you want to learn more about how these new technologies can help you boost sales in physical stores, get in touch with Daniela Peinado, Multiplica’s Global Head of Digital Marketing.

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